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Restoration Dentistry in Meridian Provides a New Level of Dental Care for Patients

On a scale from 1 - 10, how much do you enjoy going to the dentist? If you are on the lower end of that spectrum, you’re not alone, but one Meridian dentist is looking to change that! Dr. Craig D. Clayton, DMD, and his wife, Eliza, recently opened a gorgeous state-of-the-art dental office in Meridian called Restoration Dentistry: Art & Wellness. Dr. Clayton has immense respect for human biology and has done specialized training to incorporate it into his unique dental approach.

If you’re used to dental visits in which you only spend 10 - 15 minutes with the doctor themselves as they perform a quick exam, you should know that’s not what you will get at Restoration Dentistry! Dr. Clayton spends ample time with his patients, working through a wellness approach that solves dental problems rather than just treating the symptoms. And when he does need to replace missing tooth structures, Dr. Clayton uses the latest technologies and techniques for much more conservative, long-lasting, and beautiful results. Umm, yes, please!

Plus, we guarantee you’ve never seen a dental office like this! Every detail of the office was designed to put you at ease, from the natural light and beautiful landscape art, to the plants and private treatment rooms.

Dr. Clayton and his staff want to curb your dental anxiety and educate you on the art of dentistry. So if you suffer from dental anxiety, are interested in common oral hygiene myths, or are interested in cosmetic dental work, keep reading!


Dental Anxiety: You’re Not Alone

What’s the most common time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty! But jokes aside, If you dread needing to go to the dentist, you are not alone! 36% of people in the US have a fear of dental treatment, with 12% having an extreme fear called “dentophobia.” If this sounds like you, Restoration Dentistry has some tips to help ease your dental anxiety!

  1. Find the Right Provider
    1. Rather than rushing straight into a cleaning, Dr. Clayton of Restoration Dentistry in Meridian takes time to get to know you at your first appointment. He will assess your overall health, discuss any past dental trauma, and build a custom plan to help you feel comfortable while you are there.
    2. Ask if your provider offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which is completely reversible and helps calm the nerves, or even find someone who prescribes a pre-treatment anxiety medication.
  2. Bring Your Own Amenities
    1. Restoration Dentistry provides weighted blankets, heated blankets, neck pillows, noise-canceling headphones, ceiling-mounted entertainment, and more.
    2. One special service Dr. Clayton offers is a post-treatment jaw muscle massage with a steamed facial towel to help alleviate tired muscles and help you relax after conquering your dental fears.
    3. If your dentist does not provide extra amenities, then bring your own! Play your favorite music, bring your favorite blanket, and kick off your shoes for your treatment.
  3. Remember You Are in Control
    1. Ask for a break any time you would like. Your dentist should be explaining everything they are doing as they go, asking for consent from you each step of the way. Your dentist is also responsible for confirming you are comfortable and refusing to proceed if you are in pain whatsoever.

You deserve to feel comfortable and safe at the dentist; that’s Dr. Clayton’s floss-ophy!


What Drinks to Watch Out For

You have probably been told your entire life that sugar causes cavities, right? Well, that’s just a half-truth. Cavities are caused when acid weakens the enamel (outside of the tooth) and sneaks inside. When sugar is broken down, it creates acid. But the crazy thing is some foods and drinks that are sugar-free are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your teeth over time. Restoration Dentistry wants you to know that both sugary foods and acidic foods can cause cavities!

So if you had to guess, what common beverages do you think are the most acidic and damaging to your teeth? We’ve all heard coffee and soda are big culprits, but we bet you didn’t consider Vitamin Water, lemon water, or Gatorade…

While Dr. Clayton says that you don’t necessarily need to cut out your favorite drinks, he is here to share his top tips for consuming acidic drinks:

  • Watch out for anything with citric acid, which does the most damage.
  • Consume the drink in 30 minutes or less instead of sipping on them all day.
  • Chew a piece of xylitol gum or swish your mouth with water afterward.
  • If you are especially prone to cavities, your dentist may recommend you swish with an alkaline mouth rinse that helps bring the PH of your mouth back to normal after you eat or drink.

Enhance Your Appearance with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your smile, Restoration Dentistry in Meridian wants to help! Dr. Clayton is passionate about the art of dentistry and has invested in the latest technology and continuing education to deliver the highest quality natural cosmetic services. Some of the cosmetic services he offers are in-house whitening, resin infiltration, composite and porcelain veneers, crowns (onlays), implants, and smile design.

Want to know what the process of a beautified smile looks like? Restoration Dentistry shared a glimpse at their process:

  • Step 1: Meet with Dr. Clayton to discuss your goals, time, and budget, and have an exam of the mouth. Together you will address your concerns and goals to create your ideal smile.
  • Step 2: Dr. Clayton creates a plan that is customized to you and your needs. Based on the procedure, he is able to show what the end result will look like using digital imaging, models, and temporary smile try-on procedures. Then he will answer any questions you have so that you know exactly what to expect.
  • Step 3: Every step of the way, Dr. Clayton will ensure you are comfortable and confident throughout your treatment and leave with the smile you love.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, and Dr. Clayton in Meridian, ID, has the beautiful and natural smile solutions you’ve been looking for.

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