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Take A Walk On The Funky Side Of Lemon Tree Co.’s Menu At Their Newest Boise Location

Since 2018, Lemon Tree Co. has surprised and delighted the foodie scene of Boise, and we’ve been fans since day one. Now, four years later, they are debuting their newest location in Harris Ranch.

With the expansion of their sandwiches from downtown to East Boise, it’s easier than ever to head in to try their funky menu concoctions for yourself. We were lucky enough to try some of their most popular creative dishes to share with all of you. 

Lemon Tree Co. In Harris Ranch is Now Open

The second location for Lemon Tree opened earlier this year with some minor differences from their iconic downtown Boise establishment. Thankfully, it’s just a short walk, ride, or skate away from the residential communities in the Harris Ranch area. Owner, Jasson Parra hinted that more locations in the Treasure Valley are on their way.

You can find their new location at 3724 S Eckert Rd in east Boise!

Here’s what’s new!

Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

For breakfast and brunch on the go or to stay and enjoy will be served on the weekends at their new location. Their menu will include 4 breakfast sandwich options along with savory oats. 

Smaller Kitchen, One Size Sandwich

The new space will have a smaller kitchen than their flagship store, meaning some adaptations will be made to the location's menu board. Instead of being able to choose between a half or full sandwich,sandwiches will be a one size fits all deal! 

Later Hours of Operation

Customers can now stop by as late as 8 pm for their favorite sandwich, salad or dessert, but also a libation or refreshing lemonade. Now Lemon Tree Co. can be your next easy stop for dinner!

(*hours at both the Downtown and Harris Ranch locations do vary, so check their Google listings before you go.)

Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag
Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Imaginative Sandwiches and Salads at Lemon Tree Co.

Testing the boundaries of flavor and traditional ingredients is the mission of Lemon Tree Co. By creating an option for any type of dietary restriction, everyone is welcomed to the table. Giving themselves this room to construct such unique menu items has led to some truly inspired creations that might even make an avid meat lover try an all-veggie sandwich.

Each item comes with the side of your choice - Lemon Tree Co salad, Beet salad, chips, Creamy Tomato Basil soup and Savory mushroom herb oats (Oats at downtown location only). Upon request, vegan cheese or gluten free bread can be substituted. 

Yam & Cheese Sandwich (Vegetarian Or Vegan)

Ingredients: Roasted garnet yams, roasted beets, red onion confit, whipped goat cheese or vegan homemade Boursin cheese spread, mixed greens, and blood orange vinaigrette. 

Yam & Cheese Sandwich | Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Peruvian Sandwich

Ingredients: Genoa salami, ham, applewood bacon, sausage crumbles, peruvian sauce, and Fritos chips.

Peruvian Sandwich | Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Turkey Boursin Sandwich

Ingredients: Sliced turkey, homemade Boursin cheese spread, cherry preserves, roasted garlic, mixed green, and olive oil. 

Turkey Boursin Sandwich | Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Toasted Fluffernutter (Vegan)

Ingredients: Chocolate peanut butter, sliced bananas, toasted Dandies marshmallows, Ruffles chips. (*available at their downtown location only). 

Toasted Fluffernutter | Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Sausage & Pear Salad

Ingredients: Mixed greens, Italian sausage, diced pears, toasted pecans, fennel jam, crumbled goat cheese, tossed in a homemade pear vinaigrette. 

Sausage & Pear Salad | Lemon Tree Co. Boise | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Each sandwich passed our critique with flying colors! For those looking for a filling and fresh veggie option, the Yam & Cheese is the one for you! The Peruvian is a savory delight that tasted like a meat-lovers pizza. Packed with protein and lots of fresh veggies, the Sausage Pear salad and the Turkey Boursin sandwich are sure to make anyone happy and full. And let's not forget about dessert! The Toasted Fluffernutter sandwich is a vegan take on the east coast classic that mixes the well-loved chocolate and peanut butter flavors. We love to pair any of these items with a Prickly Pear Lemonade, handcrafted mimosa or any of the local beers on tap. (alcohol available at downtown location only)

The Lemon Tree Co. Promise of Inclusivity 

Maintaining its diverse menu takes extra care and special steps from the staff behind the counters of Lemon Tree Co. Those with dietary restrictions and allergies can rest assured that workspaces, kitchen tools, and equipment are handled in specific ways to prevent any cross contamination to its fullest.

Several of the ingredients are also locally sourced or homemade, giving you access to some of Idaho’s best food!

Now thanks to their website and app, it’s easier than ever to order your food for pick-up or delivery. Read more about their easy to use app here from our past blog:

Lemon Tree's App That Lets You Enjoy Their Sandwiches Anywhere!

Discover the Lemon Tree Co. story here:

Lemon Tree Co. Creates Artisan Sandwiches For All Dietary Needs

Order your food now at their website!

Lemon Tree's Website

Follow them on social media,

Instagram: @lemontreeboise

Facebook: @lemontreeboise

Twitter: @lemontreeboise

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