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Idaho Ranks High for Women-Owned Businesses

As a business owner, Stephanie Lloyd started Totally Boise with a simple idea; supporting The Treasure Valley using a platform for the community, by the community. Over eight years later, Totally Boise has over 100k followers on social media and has hit their one year mark with a seasonal guide.

At Totally Boise we strive to work with a variety of businesses and are always looking for ways to grow with the community. American Express recorded that between 2014-2019, Idaho tied third as Top Ten States for 'Economic Clout'. Check out just a small number of the amazing women-owned businesses in The Treasure Valley!

25 Treasure Valley Women-Owned Businesses

  1. a Cafe
  2. A New Vintage Wine Shop
  3. Boise Juice Co.
  4. Banana Ink
  5. Back Gate Studios
  6. Beauty Mark Ink
  7. Boise Therapeutics
  8. Coffee & Supply Co.
  9. Clockwise Escape Room
  10. Complete Restoration Services
  11. Flour Child Bakery
  12. Guru Donuts
  13. Hyde House
  14. Hammer Targets
  15. Joe Mommas
  16. Kerry Hill Winery
  17. Lumos
  18. Patio Life
  19. Rocky Mountain Balloons
  20. Salt Sanctuary
  21. Slay the Snow
  22. True Joy Cookies
  23. Volk Athletics
  24. Wild Root Cafe
  25. Western Collective & Western Proper
Idaho Ranks High for Women-Owned Businesses

Photo Credit: Guru Donuts | Krystle McLaughlin

Idaho Ranks High for Women-Owned Businesses

Photo Credit: True Joy Cookies | Renee King

Idaho Ranks High for Women-Owned Businesses

Photo Credit: Hammer Targets | Miriam Holmberg

Idaho Ranks High for Women-Owned Businesses

Photo Credit: Boise Therapeutics | Jessica King

Find more women-owned businesses in Idaho here:

Women-Owned Businesses Directory

Assisting, encouraging, and aiding in women-owned business success you can find Idaho Women Business Center. The team behind Idaho Women Business Center provides numerous services including job boards, economic relief opportunities, and support. Idaho isn't just about supporting local, it's about supporting the community and providing an inclusive environment for our local economy to strive.

Women-Owned Business Resource:

Idhao Women's Business Center

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