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Keith Roberts Of The Young Dubliners Talks Favorite Boise Spots

Live music is slowly making its way back to Boise, and what better way than with one of the last mainstream artists to play before the shutdown. Celtic Rock band, The Young Dubliners will be playing at Revolution Concert House Friday, May 21.

Eager to get back to touring, singer and guitarist Keith Roberts talks about The Young Dubliners' love and appreciation for Boise.

"Ya know it's funny, Boise is probably one of the cities we know exactly where we want to go when we visit," said Roberts.

Some of Roberts favorite spots include, Tom Grainey's (the first spot they ever performed), The Sandbar at the Riverside Hotel, and Ha'Penny which unfortunately closed its doors in 2020.

Having just started their 2021 tour after a year and a half hiatus, Roberts described the feeling of stepping back onto the stage.

"It was unbelievable," said Roberts, adding, "it's not as easy to describe it as I thought it would be, I felt empowered."

While the pandemic put a halt to the band coming together to create new music, after eight months they will finally be able to share their new lyrics and sounds.

"It's like going to lunch on the first day and opening up your lunch box and seeing what's in there," said Roberts.

The Young Dubliners plan to record their 10th studio album this fall.

Photo Credit: Young Dubliners

Looking to release their new album in March, Roberts explained it's all possible because of their fans.

Due to many reasons, The Young Dubliners have set up a fundraiser for their next album, but with plenty of fan incentives, concert tickets, merchandise, and even executive producer credits.

Read more about their next album here and how you can be involved: New Album Pledge Drive

Boise being the third stop on the 2021 tour, Roberts and the band are extremely grateful and excited to perform their upcoming Boise show.

"We love Boise, it's such a rockin' town,'' said Roberts.

Purchase The Young Dubliners tickets here: Young Dubliners Tickets

We’re so excited to hear that live music is slowly creeping back into the city. Keep your eyes out for events coming up and venues opening their doors to artists from around the country.

Boise Revival Project is working to bring the community together once again with music around downtown Boise restaurants. Learn more about Boise Revival Project - Live Music Back in Downtown Boise with Boise Revival

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