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Celebrate National Dive Bar Day With These Boise Dive Bars

Dive bars, by definition, is an unglamorous bar with dim lighting, cheap drinks and returning local clientele. Typically one does not go to a dive bar to receive four-star service, they go for a night to remember, or to not. Whether it’s the bartender, the strong-er than typical bars drinks, the array of lingering smells or the bar games, there is something alluring about a dive bar. In honor of National Dive Bar Day, here are some dive bars around town to check out.



McCleary’s on state and orchard both have games such as shuffleboard and darts to keep patrons busy while enjoying their beverages. The State Street location has a spacious backyard, perfect to sit back and relax during the summer.

The Navajo Room

Nothing says a strong drink quite like The Navajo Room. Sit back and relax at the bar top or in front of the fireplace with a nice cold beer.


Taco Tuesdays, arcade games and karaoke night add to the list of reasons why Cricket’s is a dive bar to check out.

Suds Tavern

Located right across the street from Boise State Stadium, Suds has become one of Boise’s more well-known dive bars. With specials throughout the week, their $1 beer night is hard to beat.


Walking into Terry’s is like walking into a different time zone. The dim lights can make a person suddenly lose track of time. Especially when you have pool tables, pool tabs, and karaoke 7 days a week.

The Symposion

The best part about this dive bar is dogs are allowed. This dive bar is a great one near the greenbelt to stumble into. The Symposion has popcorn, darts and jello shots.

More Boise Dive Bars:

  • The Cactus Bar
  • Boulevard
  • Jim’s Alibi
  • East Side Tavern
  • Broadway Bar
  • Vista Bar
  • Q’s
  • The Pocket
  • The Construction Bar
  • Sam's Place
  • Overland Bar
  • Fireside Tavern

May your pours be strong and your experience be one to remember at any of these local dive bars around town. 

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