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Curating Innovative Beef Dishes While Creating a More Sustainable Future - The Idaho Beef Council

Did you know that the quality of beef you consume is all dependent on preparation - and we don't just mean in the kitchen. The prep for good quality beef starts at the ranch and ends in innovative recipes on your plate. In partnership with Coyne's Restaurant in Meridian and The Idaho Beef Council, Totally Boise got an educational (and rather delicious) lesson on why beef quality is essential for consumers.

The Idaho Beef Council's Standards

Idaho Beef Council's motto, "The Right Way is the Only Way," sets the bar high for quality meat production - what they believe should be standard practice for everyone.

Kim Brackett, the owner of Brackett Ranches and a partner of The Idaho Beef Council, takes pride in cattle care and maintenance.

"We consider animal care is our #1 job. That's the one thing we have to get right every day," said Brackett.

The innovative high-quality beef dishes expertly created by chefs that partner with the Idaho Beef Council, echo the same care and respect provided when raising the cattle.

At Coyne's Restaurant, we were treated with a few such carefully crafted entrées, by Chef Shawn Smith. He prepared a perfectly marbled and tendered Butler Steak Risotto

We also enjoyed his Wagyu flatiron steak complemented with a TABASCO® gastrique sauce, grilled asparagus, and blue cheese risotto.

Beef Grades

Select Grade

Slightly leaner due to less marbling and can lack tenderness, flavor, and juiciness compared to higher meat grades. Great for slow-cooking with marinade before grilling or broiling.

Choice Grade

High-quality produced in high quantity. Great for roasting, grilling, or broiling.

Prime Grade

Beef produced from young, well-fed cattle. This grade has the most marbling and is a popular choice for many restaurants.

American Wagyu

Traditional Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed known for its high-quality and marbling. U.S. Beef Ranchers have bred this traditional cattle with U.S. cattle creating American Wagyu.

Ensuring the cattle's care, down to its consumption and stress levels, leads to a more tender and quality choice of beef packed with essential nutrients.

Sustainability of Idaho Beef

Dedicated to creating a sustainable future, The Idaho Beef Council has contributed to lowering cattle usage by 36% since the 1970s due to methods of raising exceptional animal health, welfare, nutrition, and quality cattle genetics.

A fun fact Totally Boise learned at our dine-in experience is that cattle are the ultimate upcyclers. Cows have a four stomach compartment and graze on otherwise unusable land, resulting in top-quality beef.

An excellent source of protein, beef is packed with nine other essential nutrients, including iron, zinc, and B-vitamins - even more reason to ensure the quality of beef provided at restaurants and home.

Collaborating with Local Ranchers

Working with the Brackett Ranch, The Idaho Beef Council can continue learning and educating surrounding restaurants and consumers on the importance of quality beef. As Idaho is known for having more cattle than people (a whopping 700,000 more), The Idaho Beef Council can be seen as the gatekeepers of ensuring quality beef from raising to consumption.

The most valuable takeaway from Totally Boise's experience at Coyne's was the benefit of educating ourselves on where our beef was sourced.

Learning about the recommended uses and characteristics of different cuts of beef as well as the grades will enable us to create endless delicious recipes.

Learn more about The Idaho Beef Council:

Idaho Beef Council Website

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