Discover Idaho's Hot Springs

From Natural to Commercial Springs

Idaho Natural Hot Springs

Idahoans are spoiled with natural hot springs. Idaho has 130 soakable hot springs to explore that is surrounded by Idaho’s natural beauty.

Commercial Hot Springs

A mix between mademade pools and naturally heated water, many commercial hot springs include private rooms, spa amenities and overnight options. 

Hot Springs Etiquette

  • Keep your surroundings clean
  • Keep the water clean
  • Respect other visitors and their space, however sharing is caring
  • Leave the hot spring better than how you found it
  • No glass or bottles
  • If your hot spring has a valve, make sure you turn off any cold water valve when you leave
  • Don’t blast music if there are multiple hot springs in the area
  • Hot Spring are all ages

Helpful Hot Springs Tips

  • Look up hotsprings capacity before traveling
  • Bring a trash bag
  • Have a backup hot spring/plan
  • Be aware that clothing is optional at many natural hot springs
  • Travel prepared. Many hot springs may take a short walk or long hike to get to the location. Look up the hot springs before venturing out and make sure you bring water, and any other gear you may need to get to the hot springs.
  • If you have a pet traveling with you, make sure they are friendly.

Hot Springs Health Benefits

Soaking in hot springs for a minimum of 15 minutes can produce various health benefits for many people. Hot springs hold an abundance of dissolved minerals that can help rejuvenate your body.

Here are a few minerals you can benefit from while soaking in a hot spring:

  • Magnesium: Promotes relaxation and sleep — something we could all use more of.
  • Sulfur: While sulfur may give off the infamous 'rotten egg' smell, it holds many healing properties to help alleviate body issues including, eczema, skin irritants, infections, digestive problems, and more.
  • Potassium: Know to help rid the body of toxins, it can aid in producing healthy skin.

Find your favorite hot spring this spring, or check out any of Totally Boise's list of Six Favorite Idaho Hot Springs.

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