Visit the Boise Watershed

Located at the West Boise Water Renewal Facility

Educating the public about water quality and quantity, wastewater treatment, and promoting citizen stewardship of natural resources.

Located at the West Boise Water Renewal Facility, the Boise WaterShed teaches water protection and conservation with a hands-on approach. The interactive, park-like setting takes visitors on a journey of Boise’s water system. The WaterShed is home to the largest collection of public art in the state of Idaho, making learning the big picture of the Treasure Valley’s water resources a whole lot more fun! Boise and WaterShed Exhibits, Inc., are dedicated to educating personal responsibility and behavior change to protect and conserve our natural resources.

Watershed in Boise, Idaho
Boise Water Renewal Facility
Boise Watershed CanMan

The River Campus

Crawl through a sewer pipe or make nature art. The River Campus is a 2-acre outdoor area that simulates a journey through our watershed. From the headwaters to the Snake River, children get to learn all about our waterways while playing throughout the outdoor facility.

Education Center

The WaterShed Education Center is certified as a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design. Children get to experience more than 15 hands-on exhibits, including a photo booth and augmented reality sandbox. Plus, the Boise WaterShed is home to a library and theater.

Events at the Boise WaterShed

The Boise WaterShed invites the community to learn together through free, year-round activities and events for families and children of all ages. For larger groups, make a reservation in advance to receive free lessons and tours.

Pick up trash in the Boise River
Boise and WaterShed Exhibits, Inc.
Visit the Boise Watershed
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